How not to lose on binary options|how to make money on binary options

Hello friends!
Today I will tell you how to make money on binary options.
Of course, there is already a lot of material on the network about this, but I wrote a review article for you that will be useful to beginner traders or people who want to start making money on binary options.
What does binary options trading consist of?
Choosing a binary options broker.
Choosing a strategy for binary options.
The choice of insurance elements: signals for binary options, binary options bots, transferring the budget to the broker.
Training in binary options trading.

I speak right away! Trading binary options are not magic. This is hard work and patient work. Binary options do not tolerate haste, risk, sharp increases in deposits and the lack of necessary skills. Even if you trade with positive dynamics and profit for an hour, you should not increase your deposit sharply, as you risk losing everything.
So, let's analyze all the items in more detail!

How to choose a binary options broker or a trading platform for trading binary options?

The most important criteria for choosing a broker are:

  • Easy withdrawal of profit,
  • The presence of a demo account,
  • Good feedback,
  • 24/7 technical support

You should not pay attention to the broker’s advertisement on his website, he can write anything. If you want to really make sure that the money you earn reaches you from virtual accounts, you should contact the broker's technical support and ask all your questions.
Once you get the answers, look for broker reviews on the forums.
If the broker’s reviews are only positive, see further ways to withdraw profit, they should be convenient for you and should work in your country. Take care in advance about the withdrawal of funds, this is important.
If everything is in order, then we go to register an account and look at the availability of a demo account. We need a demo account in order to learn how to trade.
I do not advertise brokers, so you will not find any information about them with me. But to be honest, I trade on two platforms. And each of them is distinguished by its pros and cons.
When we decided on a broker, you should read additional literature and training materials about binary options. Studying this literature you will come across the concept of a strategy for binary options.

Let's see what is a binary options strategy?

Successful trading of binary options always requires a strategy. These strategies are countless, here are some working strategies! They are tested and it has already been proven that they work, but you should always check all new tools on a demo account.
There are really good strategies, but some of them are intended only for binary options bots, that is, for automated trading, where you do not rely on yourself and your knowledge, but on the program and its code, well or poorly written.

I am always for manual trading, so I can keep everything under control and configure the system more efficiently. But I do not always have time to analyze all world news, indicators and other criteria of successful trading. Even if I am a good analyst, then analyzing the data, I may simply not have time to react in time. Therefore, I use binary options signals.

Now let's see what are signals for binary options?

There are paid and free binary options signals. They differ only in their capabilities. The paid version has more features. I am an experienced trader, so I use the PRO version of the vfxaAlert signals.
Attention!!! If the signals do not provide a trial version or partial access for free, then you should not choose such signals. Since you will pay money for a pig in a poke, and they can be very uncomfortable or inaccurate.
What are the signals for binary options, I already wrote on my blog. If you want to follow my example, then you can read about these signals HERE.
For me, signals are a confirmation of my strategy. I trade on several strategies, but I always rely on binary options signals when deciding.
Separately, these two tools work with an efficiency of 50%, and together they give me almost 100% result.

So, we chose a broker, acquired some knowledge about strategies, chose a safety net in the form of signals for binary options, and you can act.
Please do not rush to start trading on real accounts. Try free tools and demo accounts first. It is advisable to try several different platforms and platforms, several options for strategies on demo accounts, free signals. Only when you learn to see strategies immediately on the chart, learn how to understand how world news affects market trends, will trade only in plus on a demo account - then you can switch to a real account and start-up starting capital.
Do not start large deposits right away. Trading binary options are good because deposits with brokers generally start at $ 10. And deals are even less.
Remember that the most important thing in binary options trading and making money on options is your knowledge, skills and patience. Therefore, constantly hone your skills and learn new trends.

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